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Tutorials (under construction)

  • Creating  SQL view and displaying with Table JX or Card View JX
    • Simple view
    • View with joined tables
    • View with calculated fields
  • Connecting to external DB
    • MySQL
    • MS-SQL or MS-SQL 2000
    • Oracle
  • Displaying grid in registered area
    • Data to all registered users
    • Data to current logged in user
    • Data to users in roles
  • Linking
    • To articles
    • To external URL
    • Passing variables through URL (* advanced users)
  • Samples
    • Displaying joomlas or other extensions tables/views
    • Displaying real-time flight schedual
    • Displaying competition results
    • Displaying real-time sales report
    • Displaying hosting company data
    • Displaying on-line games data
    • Displaying survey/poll data
    • Creating file download page
    • Creating image gallery with Card View JX

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